• Size: 5920 SQ FT
  • Power: 150Kw.
  • Daylight & blackout with motorized shades
  • Cyclorama: 26'W 33W 26'D 20’H
  • Hair + makeup ful equipped
  • Private vip bathroom
  • Ceiling: 23’ / Ceiling to truss 19’
  • Air Conditioning / Heat
  • Wi-Fi optic fiber / 1 GB
  • Lounge seating & Office area
  • Soundproof room
  • Industrial lift max. 3 Tones
  • Type floor: Polished grey paint
  • Parking area in the same building


The first studio in Barcelona
with Real-Time technology permanently
installed that brings a world of possibilities
in virtual production.

SuperStudio provides professionals in the audiovisual industry with the latest technologies, in a perfectly designed space for T.V., cinema or advertising.

Located 10 minutes from the Airport and 10 minutes from the center of Barcelona.