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Communication to all our staff and suppliers of essential and updated information on the protocols to follow, with the supervision and control of our advisory companies in the field of Occupational Risk Prevention.

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Provision of the mandatory PPE to our staff (gloves, masks, disinfectant gel, ...) and, if possible, availability of stock of these for those customers who wish to purchase them.

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Sanitisation of all facilities and rental equipment with the methods authorised by the Ministry of Health, with special reinforcement in the most sensitive areas and elements, also adding special measures in the collection, delivery and checking of material:

  • All rental equipment will be delivered previously disinfected and the packages will carry a label that indicates this, at the ,me of delivery to the set or when they are collected from our facilities. Upon returning the material, all the equipment will be disinfected before being stored.
  • The collection and return areas of the material will be clearly differentiated, avoiding acongestion of clients in these areas.
  • Deliveries will be made to pre-established contact persons and at agreed ,mes in orderto respect the social distancing measures and safety and hygiene instruc,ons of the Ministry of Health in force at the ,me. In this way, we will avoid unnecessary crowding.
  • All our personnel who have physical contact with any equipment at the ,me of delivery or return will wear the appropriate individual protec,on equipment (masks, gloves, disinfectant gel ...), hand washing always being the first act of preven,on. For tests and material checks at our facili,es, we recommend that each client bring their own protec,ve material. In case of not having their own, clients may acquire it as long as we have stock available.
  • The bulkier material (ligh,ng, grip, produc,on material) will be subjected to deep disinfec,on processes. Methods and products validated by the Ministry of Health and recommended by equipment manufacturers will be used for this.
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Control and arrangement of the facilities to enable the social distancing measures in force at the time.

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Special management of any generated waste sensitive to infection.

In addition to these, additional measures will be applied by those studios
and equipment rental companies that, due to their size, business model and specific characteristics, require it.